Sunday, July 22, 2012


So I got a little bow happy today. I LOVE Mommy Crafts A Lot on youtube - she makes my bow making life a WHOLE lot easier. Today I made several bows using her tutorials!!! Thank goodness for people that are kind enough to put their talents on youtube!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine Welcome Sign

I have a cutesy welcome sign (that we've had for 8 years, bought on clearance for $2) that I have nowhere to hang (I have a new one for my door) but I hate not to use it.
So I grabbed a board from the garage and some fabric that was laying around in my craft room ( looks like a tornado in that place!)

I hot glued the fabric on the board, and put cardstock under each letter ( again adhered with hot glue)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Bows

I probably love making bows more than anything. I have to practice a lot to get them to turn out well, but I really love doing it.

I found THIS tutorial on Ten Cow chick and was so excited to make a christmas bow for MZ. The antlers were pretty tough to make but the rest was simple and it turned out really cute!

Then while searching Pinterest, I found THIS great tutorial on a christmas tree bow - this one was simple also.

I have been wanting to make boutique bows and have tried and tried and can't ever get them to look right but once I stumbled upon THIS tutorial I was in heaven. I made 3 boutique bows in one sitting and was so proud of myself.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Hairbows

I picked out what my girls were going to wear to church and then realized I needed bows to match, so I found a tutorial on how to make precious bows. I was SO excited about this because the tutorials were printable - which is good for me because my computer is not in my craftroom (and I don't have a laptop), so I'm always looking at the first couple steps, then going to the craft room, then coming back to the computer for the next couple steps. THANK YOU Ten Cow Chick for making them printable.
I varied a little by adding another layer of ribbon in each bow, but I did all the steps in the tutorial.

MZ's bow was the exact measurements TCC used

N's bow was an inch smaller


Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm finally back into the swing of things.
This little princess joined our eternal family almost 7 weeks ago and i'm slightly obsessed with her.

During naps yesterday, I realized that I needed something for ME - I had missed crafting like crazy. So I sat at the computer deciding what joyous craft I would tackle.

I found THIS link over at Dragonfly Designs and decided to try it.

I got my supplies - all things i had at the house

my flowers looked homely

So i pulled out the big guns!!!

I wonder if I've ever made a craft without sparkles

Here's the pillow on the porch

I had to take an overall picture because i was so proud of my craft and my hard yard work today.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Living Room Redo

We decided we really liked this room when we bought it, here it is with all our stuff inside. I don't know if it was just pregnancy brain or what but I decided I was tired of the dark colors and that we needed a little sunshine in here.

(this picture makes the room looks SO dark)

I think we got ALOT of sunshine

I love the long curtains in here

And we carried them on into the kitchen since they match my Southern Living plate and bowl

This is the curtain over the door - I LOVE this material (its a tablecloth from Target) - my mom graciously made the curtain for me

This pillow rocks!

THE MIRROR - I decided to keep the mirror and just paint it - originally I was going to do the room in orange, turquoise, red and cream (trust me it was fun looking - a little crazy, my husband was much happier with the teal and green we ended up using)
So I bought some paint that matched my original pillow PERFECTLY

But when it dried, the colors were NO WHERE near what they were in the bottles - I just laughed, that's all - just laughed

So Jackson and I got geared up and spray painted it all black - that's the way it is hanging over my couch now and I LOVE it.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flower Headbands

I made some headbands this weekend. I need to get pics of MZ modeling them for y'all.

The pompom one is using THIS FABULOUS tutorial by Little Miss Momma

The original flower one is using THIS AWESOME tutorial by Creation Corner

And this one is from this great tutorial over at My Girlish Whim

It all started out from a pair of pants - can you believe that my husband remembered that I wore these to the Engagement Bar-b-que his parents had back in 2004 - smart man

Here's MZ modeling it

Here's MZ's babydoll modeling the one I made for our April baby

Here's me with bedhead and pjs on trying it on too, just 'cause

I have been eyeing THIS SPECTACULAR tutorial at Craft eNVy but have never gotten around to it. Finally I decided to put a little twist and just use fabric.
Here's the upclose big flower

Here's the two headbands (one for baby, one for big sister)