Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wicked Craft

Long time no craft....

I've been sick a little lately and not in the craftin' mood. Thankfully, I'm up and runnin' again.
I found a new favorite: A Glimpse Inside and she had an AWESOME tutorial for subway art. I've always loved the subway art but I can't write neat so I thought I'd never paint one, but then this chick used her cricut and I have one of those, so I thought SCORE!!!

I had this beautiful shelf that doesn't hang correctly on the wall, so I never put it up.

Since I didn't have a canvas, I decided to use the shelf and will just set it up on a table when I decorate for Halloween this weekend.

These sweet babies kept me sane while I was cutting all the itty bitty pieces of tape to go behind all the letters.

Here's me because I was just so proud of myself I thought I deserved a picture!
(except pardon the no makeup)