Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flower Headbands

I made some headbands this weekend. I need to get pics of MZ modeling them for y'all.

The pompom one is using THIS FABULOUS tutorial by Little Miss Momma

The original flower one is using THIS AWESOME tutorial by Creation Corner

And this one is from this great tutorial over at My Girlish Whim

It all started out from a pair of pants - can you believe that my husband remembered that I wore these to the Engagement Bar-b-que his parents had back in 2004 - smart man

Here's MZ modeling it

Here's MZ's babydoll modeling the one I made for our April baby

Here's me with bedhead and pjs on trying it on too, just 'cause

I have been eyeing THIS SPECTACULAR tutorial at Craft eNVy but have never gotten around to it. Finally I decided to put a little twist and just use fabric.
Here's the upclose big flower

Here's the two headbands (one for baby, one for big sister)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Salvaged Flag

I had this Valentine Flag that looked REALLY sad

(this is after I had cut it, and forgotten to take a picture before)
Can you believe I actually hung it up looking sad last year?? I'm so ashamed.

So I had this idea: "Emby, you know how to sew, why don't you just fix it" - I felt brilliant.

MZ was helping me but she denied a picture (I took one anyway and then we laughed at how silly she looked)

Back to the project - I folded it under twice (to keep it from fraying anymore) and then pinned it.

This was my first project with a kid sitting on my lap - kinda difficult, especially when she decided in the middle of sewing that she wanted to get down.

The finished product - it surely isn't perfect or straight but I saved myself some money!