Friday, January 21, 2011

Salvaged Flag

I had this Valentine Flag that looked REALLY sad

(this is after I had cut it, and forgotten to take a picture before)
Can you believe I actually hung it up looking sad last year?? I'm so ashamed.

So I had this idea: "Emby, you know how to sew, why don't you just fix it" - I felt brilliant.

MZ was helping me but she denied a picture (I took one anyway and then we laughed at how silly she looked)

Back to the project - I folded it under twice (to keep it from fraying anymore) and then pinned it.

This was my first project with a kid sitting on my lap - kinda difficult, especially when she decided in the middle of sewing that she wanted to get down.

The finished product - it surely isn't perfect or straight but I saved myself some money!


1 comment:

Lauri said...

good job on the flag, wish I could sew. Mz is so pretty!