Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Topiary Project

I got this *gorgeous* baby at a yard sale for $1 - I knew it had potential and that the supplies alone were worth much more than $1, so I snatched it up. (I think my husband thought I was crazy on this one)

I took leftover material from a dress refashion and hot glued it onto the pot - I know I know, fabric on a pot, weird, but I loved the fabric and had flowers to match.

So I took leftover flowers that I had from my wreaths and from making flowers for my daughter's hair and stuffed (and glued) them into the spheres. Speaking of glue...

the glue gun was NOT my friend tonight.

Here's the finished project sitting in our playroom/office


Sunday, July 11, 2010

MZ's *NEW* bedroom

Since MZ has decided to be a big girl now (she turns two this week and became potty trained last week) we thought she deserved a new bedroom.

We were on our way to Hobby Lobby when I spotted a bedroom set at a thrift store out in the dirt. I LOVED it and begged my husband to buy it for her. He had complete faith that I could turn it into something beautiful. It was a dirty yellow color.

While the hubby was taking off the hardware and taking out the drawers he stumbled upon a black bra - back behind one of the drawers. I wonder if the owner is missing it? We thought it was quite nasty!

I cleaned the pieces, and painted them white. I spray painted the bed because it was metal. And we spray painted the knobs.

I am so happy with the way it all turned out!!!