Monday, June 28, 2010

*New* July 4th wreath

I was over at my favorite Fireflies and Jellybeans looking at all the amazing chicks that entered stuff into her weekly Show off your stuff party and I found an amazing wreath at Paisley Pink Polkadots.
Of course mine looks NOTHING like her's but I just used her idea to revamp my July 4th wreath.
My mom bought this wreath for me 5 years ago. It's seen better days.

So I decided to give it a little makeover.
I used 3 wreaths that I bought from the dollar store.

And some fabric (including burlap and red stripped fabric that was leftover from my mom making my sons very first halloween costume)

I wanted to repaint all the hearts and stars but I didn't have the right color craft paint and didn't want to spend any more money, so I decided to use what I had. And I got a little glitter happy...

I LOVE my new wreath - it rocks!


Step to Planter

My parents just got a new set of steps for their pool and so they no longer needed, this step that the ladder was attached to. I asked if I could have it and I'm pretty sure my mom thought I was crazy!

I thought it'd be a good idea to scrape the 20 years of paint off - it didn't go anywhere, so then it was a good idea to sand it - it still didn't go anywhere - so I finally decided to just paint over it.

I put some of the black weed protector sheet down in the bottom, because its still poreous but it would keep the soil from coming out the bottom (this stuff was already at my house)so all I paid for were the cute little plants, which were $5.97 total. Under $6 for this project.