Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who is Momma B?

"Momma B" was one of The Girlfriends (my mom's group of friends), Yvonne Branham or just "Y". Yvonne was called "momma B" because she was like another mom to us. She was at EVERY chorus concert and loved with our family (she WAS part of our family). Momma B had the most amazing talents. She could turn ANYTHING into something gorgeous. I'm not kidding - you should've seen her christmas tree. All her ornaments were homemade and they were made out of things like Earrings. She was incredible. And we won't even start on her mad cake making skills (a strawberry Macaulay Culkin cake for my 10th birthday) Anyways, Yvonne collected buttons (amongst a billion other things) and when she passed away my mom gave me her jar of buttons. I've never done anything with them but today I did and I can't help but think that Momma B would've LOVED what I did. She wouldn't wear it herself, oh no, she didn't like froo-froo things but she would've most definetly loved that I wore it.

She always called us kids "brats" - when she spoke to us, it was addressing us as "brat", hence my signature.


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