Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Hairbows

I picked out what my girls were going to wear to church and then realized I needed bows to match, so I found a tutorial on how to make precious bows. I was SO excited about this because the tutorials were printable - which is good for me because my computer is not in my craftroom (and I don't have a laptop), so I'm always looking at the first couple steps, then going to the craft room, then coming back to the computer for the next couple steps. THANK YOU Ten Cow Chick for making them printable.
I varied a little by adding another layer of ribbon in each bow, but I did all the steps in the tutorial.

MZ's bow was the exact measurements TCC used

N's bow was an inch smaller



Ten Cow said...

Your little girls are soo adorable - I just looove little girls all dressed up for church with matching hair bows!!! Your bows turned out soo cute too! Thanks for linking back! I'm soo glad you like the printables. Have a great day!

Leigh This Way said...

How cute! I just love them! Now I know who to call this christmas when I need matching bows for my girls for out annual family photo. hehehe ;) jk But seriously I do love MZ and Norah's bows! You're just too crafty. When I need something like that, I would never think to make it.

Angela Bricker said...

Those are SO precious! Bows are something I simply cannot make. I've tried and I just can't do it. Mine just end up looking like stacks of fabric or ribbon-not cute.

My followers are set up the same way yours are. I added myself as a follower to this blog to make sure and it seems the same as mine. You should be able to just click on the FOLLOW link right about the pictures of all my followers. Let me know if it works (and I'll still give you an extra entry anyway :) )

{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

oh they are so precious! Love the matching bows.