Thursday, April 1, 2010

FAB fabric Flower

I LOVE finding new craft blogs with creative people so I can use their ideas and create precious things for my kids
MZ loves her some Fancy Nancy and I found a VERY Fancy Nancy that is so fabulous (that's fancy for cool)
She had this amazing tutorial on how to make fabric flowers.
I followed and came up with this

Price - $0 (fabric was given to me by my mom and the button was, of course, Momma B's)
Time - 5 minutes, if that - SO easy
(of course I didn't have a bunch of fabulous material like she did, but I used scraps from material that I'm making a dress for MZ out of)



Coordination Queen said...

very cute!

Nancy said...

So cute, I love the watermelon! And thanks for the shout out, you are so sweet. We love the Fancy Nancy books at our house too, in fact my kindergartner actually thinks they are about me.