Friday, April 16, 2010

Front Door Wreath

I needed to buy a wreath.
I went to Goodwill and bought this *beauty*

(they actually wanted me to pay full price for it - did they think I wanted it for its beauty? #1 we all know my christmas colors are turquoise, purple, lime green and hot pink #2 are you kidding me? this thing is hideous)

I was kinda scared to take all the ribbon off the wreath, afraid that some bugs would come crawling out - but I braved it and it worked out lovely.

I paid $1 for this wreath and the Michael's price tag is still on it for $2.29
I forgot this ribbon makes your hands turn red

I decided to use the material I used for my grocery bag holder because I seriously love it and it matched my flowers perfectly

This little girl kept getting in my way

I cut strips of the fabric -freehanded, no measuring, that's why they're crooked but it doesn't matter because no one will be able to see

I took the strips and wrapped them around the wreath using quilting pins

It then looked like this

I then zigzaged tulle around (holding in place by the quilting pins) like WHIMSI KEL says to.

But obviously it needed some more love so I hot-glued on some geraniums

I added some organza ribbon wrapped around where the tulle was

The kids kept stealing my flowers and when Jax would bring them back he'd say "here you go your magesty"

Here it is hanging on my door. I seriously love it

But I think I might need some brighter colors for summer (this will probably be my spring wreath)

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Christi said...

Ok, that is seriously cute! I want to make one now! I finally got my house cleaned up! (You can see the top of my table again!) So after I wind down from the trip to Boston I might take up making things! Will need a little help I'm sure...

Leigh This Way said...

Too cute!

Rebekah Del Priore said...

I want one too! Hey, do you wanna teach us ladies??? I like doing crafts WITH people. hint hint.

Sammy said...

So cute! It would be perfect for our Bring Spring Linky party over at Scraps N' Strings. Adorable!

Amber said...

Very cute! I love it!

Ashes said...


Fawnda said...

That is so cute! I love how springy it is! :)