Thursday, April 1, 2010

Too many bags

I have WAY too many grocery bags under the sink in the kitchen. But I have to keep them because I mostly use them for stinky diapers before I put them in the big trashcan outside. The other day I saw a grocery bag holder and wanted to buy it but that little voice said "don't do it Mary Beth". THANK YOU for the little voice because I thought to myself today - "I bet I can make one myself" so I googled a tutorial and found that Ashley from Make It and Love It had one. Why didn't I know that? I love that blog and I didn't even think to look their first. Shame on me for wasting time!
So here's what became of the grocery bags. I LOVE IT

(yes I wanted to do a cutesy multi material one like the tutorial suggested but I didn't have enough coordinating fabrics, so I had to deal with what I had and it still worked out nicely and you can't beat FREE.



Leigh This Way said...

I love it and I soo need one of those! My bags are kept in a big plastic bag :-/

Kelli said...

I heart the fabric! Where did you get it?